Anthony Rodriguez

Personal Trainer, Nutritionist, Lifestyle coach, Motivational Speaker, Martial Arts Instructor

Son of Spanish immigrants, I grew up in France in an industrial area in the south of Lyon. I became a fan of Bruce Lee when I was six years’ old and my passion for Martial Arts was such that I convinced my parents to enrol me in a Karate class. I also started playing football in my local club when I was 10. This was the beginning of a great venture. By 17, I was regularly called by the senior team and played at Regional League level until a series of bad injuries; Rupture of the ligaments and fractures on both left and right ankles ended my competitive career in sport.

I studied Science and completed a degree in Chemistry. I worked in a laboratory for a while, but decided that it wasn’t the job for me at that time, I was hungry for new experiences so I decided to come to England to study another passion of mine: Music. I completed a degree in Music Production and Music Business and went on to work in the music industry for twelve years.

I was training in Martial Arts again in parallel and graduated to a black belt in Freestyle Combat Karate under sensei Giovani Di Soma. I also cross-trained in Muay Thai and Brazilian Jiu Jitsu.

My work as producing and managing artists in various countries such as France, England, South Africa and Malawi involved long hours in the studios, travelling, late nights due to late performances and concerts, junk food and alcohol.. A very poor lifestyle which after a few years, contributed to old injuries flaring up. My body had symptoms of inflammation everywhere. My ankles and knees were in pain daily and had me limping for four consecutive years. I had reduce mobility as a consequence which at times left me immobilised in bed.

In my late twenties, I had to undergo three consecutive surgeries and I was unable to work for a year. By the time I was thirty two, I had seven different surgeries related to previous injuries.

Needless to say that it was a big wake up call for me. I had always been extremely active, I kept myself busy with a full-on lifestyle and all of a sudden everything came to a hold. I was anxious and even angry about the situation, but most of all, I was scared and sad. Something had to change! It was time for transformation.

To help me cope with the inactivity and negative emotions, I learned Transcendental Meditation, I read tons and studied all I could about health and fitness, including the importance of nutrition and rest, I learnt self-empowerment techniques and qualified as a wellness coach.

After my physical rehabilitation, I started practising Yoga and Tai-Chi and slowly re-introduced Martial Arts. I qualified as a Personal Trainer and a Nutrition Counsellor. I also passed my 3rd Dan in Freestyle Combat karate and became a Martial Art instructor.

While going through my profound transformation, I decided to do something more meaningful and wanted to help young people so I worked for FBMF (From Boyhood to Manhood Foundation) in London. I delivered a programme called “Calling the Shots” sponsored by the Metropolitan Police and the Mayor of London. It was designed to help and engage young people to speak about gang related issues, dealing with emotions such as anger, lifestyle, wellbeing and much more.. I delivered the programme for two years all around London inner city’s high schools, people referral units and young offender prisons.

After this amazing experience I decided to dedicate myself fully to the health and fitness industry. Now in my forties, I help hundreds of people make positive changes in their lives. I empower them with tools and techniques they can use to reach their health and fitness goals while managing chronic pains and without increasing the risk of injuries. I have developed as an all-round Personal Trainer with expert knowledge in Functional Ageing, Weight Loss and Longevity.

I work privately with people on a one to one basis, or in group, with corporate companies or private organisations. I also work with charity organisations such as Halow Project (supporting young people with learning disabilities) and Oakleaf Enterprise (Surrey mental health charity).